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Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

on December 17, 2015

(EDIT: This is my 100th post! That’s a bit weird to think about…)
(ANOTHER EDIT: A previous version of this post linked to You Are Not A Burden as republished on The Mighty; following recent concerns about this site I have found the same post on Lydia Brown’s own blog, Autistic Hoya, and changed my link accordingly.)

I made it! Three whole blog posts in three consecutive days! Hopefully I won’t disappear for months on end now… Anyway, this is the final post in the Three Day Quote Challenge as nominated by A Willful Woman. Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Publish a quote on 3 consecutive days on your blog. The quote can be one of your own, from a book, movie, or from anyone who inspires you.
  • Nominate 3 more bloggers each day to carry on this endeavour.

Today’s quote is from “You Are Not A Burden” by autistic activist Lydia Brown:

“Your only debt to society is to change the world for the better, even if all that means is a perfunctory encounter with a stranger that leaves another’s life a little bit better, another’s worries a little bit less daunting and frightening.

You don’t owe society anything else.”

I think that pretty much speaks for itself, really.

This is maybe cheating slightly, but in my last two posts I’ve simultaneously felt like I was struggling to think of possible willing participants to nominate and like I was probably missing a load of people out, so I’m going to open the challenge up to whoever’s reading this – if you want to have a go, have a go! Particularly recommended for anyone trying to restart a blog they’ve been massively neglecting because life got in the way… hopefully I’ll get a couple more posts in before next term, at least!


4 responses to “Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

  1. willaful says:

    That’s a great piece. My son and I both suffer from feeling-like-a-burden-itis.

  2. I’d love to do it – massive neglect just about sums it up – but it’s the weekend with two krazy kids and then holiday break…I will be lucky to have a coherent thought :-/
    Thanks for the quotes though!

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