Feminist Aspie

Just Keep Quiet

on September 25, 2013

(This entire post is heavily sarcastic. The whole thing. Sarcasm, sarcasm everywhere. Content warning: victim-blaming, rape, rape culture)

Everyone knows that dissent and objection are tactless, impolite and of course completely unladylike. Don’t be so bitchy, just keep quiet.

It’s just one little thing anyway, let it go, you’re over-reacting. Lack of media representation? Look, there’s already that one film with a well-written female protagonist. You’re over-reacting. Imbalance in the division of domestic duties? Hey, they already do that one thing. You’re over-reacting. Constant street harassment? Anyone else would have taken it as a compliment. You’re over-reacting. I mean, women already have the vote, what more do you want? You’re over-reacting. Always over-reacting, silly emotional irrational shrill feminists, always trying to be offended. Wait, somebody neglected to preface the word “men” with the word “some” in a spur-of-the-moment sentence or within the confines of a 140 character tweet? See! Told you *soooooome* feminists are just man-haters. Not over-reacting. It’s also worth noting that whilst objecting to misogynistic music videos is yet another example of ridiculous irrational feminist over-reacting (it’s just a video, after all), objecting to feminist role-reversal parodies of such videos is perfectly acceptable. Obviously.

And while you’re over-reacting, it’s imperative to reassure that of course I don’t mean youbecause everyone knows that questioning someone’s words or behaviour is exactly the same as judging them completely as a whole. Besides, they’re family, they’re friends, they’re colleagues, they know you, they’re allowed to make fun of you, your race, your gender, your sexuality, your disability. And besides, it’s only a jokeCan’t you take a joke? Typical humourless feminists. Hahahaha, it’s funny because the butt of our joke is angry. Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you, and all that. Besides, pointing out the oppressive force behind those jokes, those words, those actions, might upset them. It might anger them. Good little girls put the feelings of others before their own, so just keep quiet.

You’ve got to let them down gently. Don’t say “no” directly, you’ve got to have tact. Besides, you led him on, you were wearing revealing clothing, you flirted with him, you were out late at night, you’re in a relationship, you’ve consented before, it would be unreasonable and unladylike to say anything now. Best to just keep quiet.

Besides, you already nag too much. Nag nag nag, whine whine whine, moan moan moan, whinge whinge whinge, it’s all women ever do, huh, am I right, am I right? It’s so unfair that you can’t even be horrendously sexist these days without those shrill nagging women standing up for themselves! Freedom of speech! Just keep quiet! FREEDOM OF SPEECH! JUST KEEP QUIET!

…See, the silly irrational feminists don’t realise that women only have themselves to blame for inequality. They’re just not assertive enough.

I can’t imagine why.


3 responses to “Just Keep Quiet

  1. lioor says:

    Yes, I noticed how boys would try and catch girls and throw them into the water and how my uncle was pinching my nipples “just to laugh”. Of course, if you disagreed or did not find it funny you had to be antisocial. This is the same as you grow old except that the game is on the bigger scale.Joking is very often disguised hostility. You don’t have to take it and should’nt.
    The fact that you’re out as someone who is litteral does not change anything: if it stinks; then it’s shit. People will always try to make you believe that you need them and their crap and you will have to suffer if you say something or try something alone.
    The Dalai lama said feminists should make a positive contribution to society instead of whinning.
    The funny thing is that he doesn’t hold an open table and while he’s judjing feminists, he never actually put an honest day work in all his life.(no offense to buddhist who don’t support that point of view and there are a lot).
    This is a serious thing. He wants us to work hard to allow people like him to oppress us. You’re a feminist? No matter how big you work and how big your contribution is. It will never be good enough to men . Get rid of your guilt.

    • juan says:

      Your uncle trying to pinch your nipple is bad and also any actual touching is as well. That is about it for you though because feminists contribute absolutely nothing to society and you act as if you are oppressed. If you work hard in school and in your career you will be succesful and won’t need any special treatment. The reason why not as much women are being promoted as men is because many women have comfortists because of feminists like you and expect things to be given to them.

  2. juan says:

    Are you kidding me? Feminists definitely overreact. Any time anything is made for girls you feminists complain about it. Then you expect special treatment because you have a vagina just like you are mentioning a female protagonist. It is not sexism it is just capitalism because more people will come see a movie because of a male protagonist because more men are into movies than women. Many women who are into movies might watch the movie because of the more than likely attractive leading character. I have no problem with racist jokes against hispanics because mostly my friends and family are the ones who say them to me. The tweet thing is stupid because no man has ever said that. Also in music videos women agree to be in them because there is a market. You are just one of those feminists who exaggerate everything.

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